What are the payment terms, and the fees and charges associated with a Tala loan?

Tala charges a one-time service fee of:

  • 11% for loans with a term of 21 days (APR: 191.2%; EIR*: 15.7%)
  • 15% for loans with a term of 30 days (APR: 182.5%; EIR*: 15%)

For example, for a 30-day loan with principal amount of Php 1,000, the service fee would be Php 150 and the total amount would be Php 1,150.

If you do not repay on time, Tala may charge a one-time late fee of 8% of the total amount outstanding as of the date the late fee is charged.

*Effective Interest Rate (EIR): expressed as interest rate per month

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