What are the payment terms, and the fees and charges associated with a Tala loan?

Depending on the term of the loan, Tala charges a one-time service fee of 9.48 – 27.03% of principal (EIR**: 14.54 – 15.00%).

For example, for a borrower who receives ₱4,000 from Tala for our 61-day term, they would owe a 27.02% service fee of ₱1,080.95 and ₱59.05 in required tax for a total payment of ₱5,140.

In short, ₱4,000 ( borrowed amount) + ₱1,080.95 (service fee) + ₱59.05 (required Tax) = ₱5,140 (total payment)

**Effective Interest Rate (EIR): expressed as interest rate per month inclusive of taxes.

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