I paid my loan, but I did not receive a confirmation text and my Tala App says that I still have an unpaid balance.

Our goal is to apply your payment to your Tala account as soon as you pay. On rare occasions, there is a delay and we aim to resolve as soon as possible.

Any time you make a payment, please give us 24 hours to apply the payment to your account before contacting us. Sometimes there is a delay in reporting your payment to us from the center you paid at.

If after 24 hours you still do not see your payment reflected on your Tala app, contact us with the following information:

  • A clear picture of your payment receipt OR
  • A clear picture of the Coins confirmation message (SMS from NXMS)

We need to be able to see ALL of the following information:

  • the invoice ID
  • the AMOUNT
  • the DATE
  • the TIME the payment was made

Once we have ALL this information, we will be able to look into your account and take the necessary actions.

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