What if my phone is already registered to another account?

If the phone you are currently using is in our system under the name of another one of our customers, we cannot to reassign the device to your account.

If you happen to know the previous owner of the device, kindly advise them to contact us by sending an email to support@tala.ph and provide the following information for security and verification purposes:


1. Full Name:
2. Middle Name:
3. Tala Registered Number:
4. Last Approved Loan Amount:
5. Latest Photo of Front and Back of ID (please take a new photo of your ID)
6. Record a short video - For your security and protection, we would like to ask you to take a video of yourself holding your government-issued ID while stating the following: Name, Date today, and specify your Request (e.g. change my mobile number from 0922XXXXXXX to 0917XXXXXXX; link my account to my new device, etc.)

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