How do I apply for a Tala loan? (New customers)

With Tala, you can apply for a loan starting from P1,000.00 up to P15,000.00 and choose a custom due date from 20-61 days!

As a new customer, we start you off with a smaller amount so that we can build trust on both sides. Early or on-time payments may help your ability to be approved for a higher loan amount in the future!
Additionally, Tala has options available for you to select from and depends on what works best for you!

Depending on the term of the loan, Tala charges a one-time service.

For example:

  • For 20-day loans, the service fee is 9.48% of principal plus applicable taxes (EIR**: 14.74%)
  • For 30-day loans, the service fee is 14.23% of principal plus applicable taxes (EIR**: 15.00%)
  • For 61-day loans, the service fee is 27.02% of principal plus applicable taxes (EIR**: 14.77%)

How to register and apply for a loan? Please read below:

  • Search "Tala" App from Google Play or click this link: Download it to your Android Phone (running OS 4 or higher).
  • Apply in 5 minutes
  • Get approved in seconds
  • Submit a valid government-issued ID (Passport, Driver's License, SSS ID, Postal ID, PhilSys ID / National ID, Voter's ID, or UMID)
  • Accept loan and select your preferred cash-out option (Bank, Padala Center, or
  • Keep using Tala and you may qualify for larger loans by making on-time payments!

Reminder: Loan applications can only be done through the Tala app - not through any third-party service. 


**Effective Interest Rate (EIR): expressed as interest rate per month inclusive of taxes.

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