Why is Tala offering this new wallet?



If you’ve been approved for a Tala offer:

We want to provide a free and no-hassle way for you to use your money. 


When you disburse your loan to your Tala Wallet, you can pay bills directly with zero transaction fees. You can also send cash to family and friends or to your bank accounts and e-wallets via InstaPay - also for free! You can do all these within the Tala app - it’s fast, seamless, and convenient!


If you don’t have a Tala offer yet:

You can initially use the Tala Wallet to save money. When you cash in and save funds in your Tala Wallet you’ll have higher chances of getting pre-approved to borrow from Tala for the first time.


Even if you don't have an active Tala offer or you don’t need to borrow at the moment, you can still use your Tala Wallet to pay bills, send money for free via InstaPay, and to start on your savings goals.

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